Lapa Rios Amenities

With so many adventures offered at Lapa Rios, it may be hard to imagine sitting down to relax during your time here. But when you see our crystal blue, eco-friendly pool overlooking the Pacific you’ll want to schedule a little chill time. That’s just one way to relax at Lapa Rios. Details about other offerings below.

Take a break and a dip in our eco-friendly, salt-based pool (less chlorine) pool where you’ll enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Bring along binoculars. Wildlife love the pool area almost as much as guests do and you may want to take a closer look at a few creatures who like to dine in the trees near the pool.

When you’re not out chasing monkeys, take time to learn more about them by popping by our guide hut where you’ll find fun facts, books about biodiversity, and trained guides who are happy to answer any questions. And don’t miss the Lapa Rios slideshow presentations held during Happy Hour near our bar. You’ll not only hear about what happened on that days hikes, but you’ll also hear tales from our experienced guides who have walked the Lapa Rios trails for years.

Enjoy fifty minutes of rainforest bliss surrounded by the sounds of the surrounding jungle and softly breaking waves. We offer four types of massage:

Zen Shiatsu: This massage works on clearing the body’s energy lines of blockage, allowing you to reach a state of deep relaxation and self-healing.

Ayurvedic: Based on ancient Indian Yogi wisdom, this massage focuses on relaxing muscles and allowing vital “chi” to renew and repair tired systems.

Core Integration: This massage brings together postural alignment, movement education and awareness while restoring the body to its natural state of balance.

Reiki: Reiki is a soft, non-intrusive healing method that allows you to awaken your healing energies and focus on inner awareness.

Hatha yoga: focuses on self-knowledge, acceptance and self-empowerment. An incredible opportunity to balance the mind, body and spirit overlooking one of the most breathtaking views on property.

Chi Kung: is an exercise in cultivating the Chi (the vital life force), which energizes the mind, body and spirit. Chi Kung incorporates fluid motions and postures while connecting its practitioners with the earth and its surrounding life forces.

1 hour per session