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Good Environmental Habits to Take HomeGood Environmental Habits to Take Home

Good Environmental Habits to "Take Home"

Before plastic bags, beer cans, pet plastic bottles and styrofoam the earth was a lot cleaner. We can help our present and future generations to have a cleaner environment by changing some simple things in our standard of living. Let's become models to lead a cleaner and less contaminating life.

Things that we can do to help:

Get in the know

The topic of going “green” has virtually exploded in today’s media. Take advantage of the wealth of information available online, in the news or in your local bookstore, and learn about all of the new and exciting developments underway to assure that our planet stays green for years to come. Make it a goal to refresh your knowledge weekly-or even daily! Click here for a list of recommended books and websites.

Consume with a conscious

Our natural resources (especially those responsible for providing us with energy and water) are rapidly depleting. Look for ways that you can reduce your consumption: carpool, turn off your lights when not in use, install water-saving devices within your home, and more! The possibilities are endless…

Purchase wisely

Let your money speak for your values. When you buy something new, question not only what the product is made of, but how you will dispose of it when you are finished using it. Look for products that have “green” or “eco-friendly” certifications or seals. Use reusable bags when going grocery shopping to reduce your consumption of paper and plastic products.

Support your local environmental organizations

Whether you live next to a national park or in the middle of a bustling city, you will be sure to find environmental activists working to protect natural areas, improve environmental education and much more. Find out ways that you can get involved at a local level-you will almost certainly be able to find a “green” organization that suits your interests.

Spend more time outdoors

Make it a priority to visit natural and/or protected areas and spend more time outside in general. Incorporate visits to national parks into your next vacation times. The more time you spend in, and enjoying, your natural surroundings, the more you will learn to appreciate and care for them.

Spread the word

Share you knowledge and enthusiasm with others about your own experiences in working to reduce your ecological footprint. Recommend tips, sources of information and green products to your friends and family. Teach others about the importance of environmental stewardship and protection, and work to inspire others towards positive change.

Thank you for choosing Lapa Rios. We hope that you will have a wonderful and educational experience with us.

With your stay, you have helped the Osa Peninsula 's rainforest, the Puerto Jiménez community and the world.

**If you would like a copy of this to take home, please inquire at the reception.

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