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Helpful Information While At Lapa Rios

A Few Reminders For Your Stay at Lapa Rios

Lapa Rios

Watch your step wherever you go. Stop moving when looking around and examine surfaces before grabbing. Lapa Rios is full of natural surprises—be aware of your surrounding environment.

Avoid walking without a flashlight at night. Remember, it is dark by 5:30! While we have lights installed on the Lapa Rios property, these lights provide only minimal lighting (too many bright lights would frighten many of the nocturnal animals that inhabit the rain forest). Flashlights are available at reception.

Have patience while speaking with most of our staff members. Please remember to speak slowly. Understand that our staff works rigorously to better their English, the traveler’s language. Likewise, feel free to practice your Spanish! Our staff loves to help our guests improve and tourism is all about people. Share stories and find common interests.

Take the time to read the guest information book found in your bungalow, the Lapa Rios Story and the Sustainable Certification manual available in the library or reception. These books contain a wealth of information about the history of Lapa Rios, its mission, goals and current projects.

Lapa Rios

Remember to turn off all lights and fans when you exit your bungalow. Energy conservation is very important for all of us, especially in this remote area lacking an electrical grid.

Use the biodegradable soap, shampoo and conditioner in your rooms and make use of recycling receptacles below the sink. These products were specifically chosen to minimize our impact on the surrounding environment. Rather than leaving your non-recyclable trash in the Osa, please take it out with you.

Use towels specifically designated for the pool and the beach. Like with room towels, re-using pool/beach towels allows us to lower our energy and water usage and detergent impact.

Remember to always travel responsibly, choosing destinations where your travel choice makes a difference to the local culture and environment. Learn more about ecotourism at www.ecotourism.org.

A Few Recommendations from our Staff

Lapa Rios

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Lapa Rios

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