They call it the rainforest for a reason; the forest is rejuvenated by rain six months out of the year, but it doesn’t rain all day and the temperature never drops, so even if it rains you won’t be cold; tours always run regardless of rain, and you can return to your room and a rewarding hot shower.

Most of the signature species in this area are almost impossible to see, but during the rainy season, it’s easier to find them as all animals leave their tracks in the mud. And during the “rainy months” you might be able to see whales from the your private bungalow deck!

You haven’t experienced the true wild until you’ve been on the Osa Peninsula during the rainy season. Join us for an experience you’ll never forget.

Benefits of visiting Costa Rica during the Green Season:

1. Cheaper airfare and lower hotel rates.
Check it out for yourself and you’ll find you can fly down to San José for less, and most hotels offer Green Season discounts.

2. Less people at beaches and on tours.
This translates to more personalized attention and service in hotels, restaurants and on activity tours such as zip lining or kayaking. It also allows you more privacy and quality time with your partner or family.

3. More chances to see wildlife in the rainforest.
The Green Season is a perfect time of the year to observe whales or witness Turtle nesting season in the Pacific. Animals are more active because of the rain and because there are fewer people on trails. And, it’s easier to see their tracks after a rain!