Edwin was born in Golfito, the east side of the Golfo Dulce. He lived in a small town, La Virgen, until the age of 14, and then moved to the Osa Peninsula where he participated in gold extraction and worked extensively on a cattle farm with his family. Edwin then went to the Caribbean Coast to work in banana plantations. In 1995, Edwin began work at Lapa Rios, and for over 8 years was the leader of housekeeping. In the year 2000, he began to develop his special fondness for the forest and its environment. He attended a natural history course at the National Institute of Education and continued training with our guides. Since 2004, Edwin has been exclusively guiding tours, sharing a wonderful local interpretation of the forest. If you have any questions regarding the early years of Lapa Rios, Edwin is one of our long-standing employees; he knows many secrets!




Guillermo was born in Meppel, Holland and grew up in Belgium. After finishing grade 10, his Dutch father and Tico mother returned to Costa Rica to farm in the Osa Peninsula. Instead of going back to school, Guillermo began working on the family farm, doing reforestation, agriculture, livestock farming and working with the families primary source of income: a sawmill based for plantation grown wood. Over the years Guillermo started taking several courses on tourism to start his training as a guide and follow his passion for nature. In September 2009, he started working with the maintenance crew in Lapa Rios. His natural gift to interpret, strong language skills and expertise to the local environment have been key to being one of the staff guides in the Lapa Rios Reserve.




Born in 1988 in San José and raised in Alajuela, Valerie attended a school of arts, but given her father’s job in tourism, she was always surrounded by nature, in which she found the passion of her life. For that, she studied and graduated as a Tropical Biologist from the National University, later specializing on Management of Natural Resources. Due to her love for amphibians and reptiles, she started working as a volunteer at the serpentarium of the Clodomiro Picado Institute for two years, then, after haved visiting the Osa Peninsula for a practice for her bachelor degree on a nearby property, Valerie fell in love with the Peninsula’s biodiversity. As such, she decided to apply for a job opportunity in Lapa Rios and trained as a tour guide, where she discovered a new passion to teach people about the importance of the rainforest and help people to experience the rainforest in a whole new way by discovering new species.