Many guests visit Lapa Rios to experience the rich biodiversity in the surrounding tropical rainforest. Corcovado National Park, the land surrounding our eco lodge and the Lapa Rios Private Nature Reserve protect some of the last standing lowland tropical rainforest on the Pacific Coast of Central America. But when you visit Lapa Rios Eco Lodge, you can also look forward to stunning, empty beaches right in front of the Lapa Rios property. Take time to venture out on your own, to find the hidden beach entrances – your efforts will be well rewarded. Beaches stretch from Lapa Rios southward almost 2 kilometers.

Below is a list and description of our nearby beaches.

Carbonera BeachPLAYA CARBONERA north of the Carbonera River, has tame waves and is a safe swimming beach. Accessible from Playa Pan Dulce during low tide only. Careful with your feet as you enter—rocks can be sharp. Are you too hot or sweaty coming back to Lapa Rios? Take a refreshing dip in the spring-fed Rio Carbonera.

Pan DulcePUNTA CARBONERA TO PAN DULCE is seen from the pool and yoga deck. Lots of long right-breaking waves come around the point on this beach. Surf lessons take place here, to the right of beach access. Enter the beach directly from the hillside road, going straight ahead to the sea.

Backwash BayBACKWASH BAY contains a long stretch of sandy beach with waves that break large, especially during low tide. A great place to relax on the sand.

MatapaloPLAYA MATAPALO is one of the last beaches along the Matapalo Road. While the immense size of its waves and the abundance of sharp rocks make this beach unsafe for swimming, it remains an excellent spot to relax and observe the powerful strength of nature (and a few brave surfers!)

Beach Tips at Lapa RiosBEACH TIPS AT LAPA RIOS When visiting the beaches surrounding Lapa Rios, remember the following:

It’s an adventure! Finding some of the beaches surrounding Lapa Rios can be a challenge. Very few (if any) signs exits, and entrances leading into beaches may be partially hidden by trees, branches and foliage. Make sure to take plenty of water for your adventure and remember that pathways get dark beginning at 4:30 pm.

Waves get large and are unexpected: The 2 beaches in front of Lapa Rios are safe for swimming. The more distant beaches, Backwash and Matapalo, have large Pacific waves with strong currents. Carefully time large waves when exiting water, even at the safe beaches.

When to go: the beaches mostly face eastward, so mornings are hot and require hats and sunscreen. Most people prefer the afternoon shade. Hint: awaken by 5am to watch the sun rise over the Pacific.

Rocks: The ocean floor surrounding Lapa Rios has a fairly rocky bottom. Many people prefer to wear water shoes, as rocks can be uncomfortable.

General etiquette: Remember to be a responsible traveler when venturing outside the Lapa Rios grounds. Respect the wildlife and do not leave anything but tracks.