Guests come from all over the world to see the incredible wildlife at Lapa Rios. Our property is situated in nearly 1000 acres of rainforest in the Osa Peninsula, home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity and many endangered species. Lapa Rios has trails throughout our property where you will spot creatures big and small on a hike with one of our experienced nature guides or just walking to breakfast. You can even volunteer with the Wild Cats Conservation Project to help install and review camera traps to keep track of the Osa’s endangered feline populations.

Learn more about the animals you may see on our wildlife list here or enjoy them in the below slideshow.

During a four days stay, you typically will see the following animals:

  • Various mammals: monkeys: howlers, squirrel, spider, white face monkey, kinkajou (night monkey), coati mundi, 3 toed sloth, bats – insect and fruit eating, tent making.
  • Birds – over 300 species sighted at Lapa Rios: scarlet macaw, chestnut mandible toucan and aracaris, black-cheeked ant-tanager (only in Osa).
  • Lizards: basilisk (Jesus Christ), green iguana, anoli, ameba (macroteniid), garrobo (Ctenosaur), gecos, skink.
  • Frogs : poison dart frogs (black with orange and green with black), tink, tree, nocturnals, smoky frog.
  • Insects – beetles: wasps and bees, forest cockroaches, butterflies – morphos, heliconias, swallow tails, “owl” butterflies (moths), grasshoppers, “sundown” cicada, giant walking stick, leaf cutter and army ants, bush katydid, Spiders, tarantula, amblipigidas.
  • Marine species – 4 land crab species: blue crayfish – river, star fish, blue fish, barnacles, snail, sea slug, clams.

These other animals are also frequently seen at Lapa Rios:

  • Various mammals: southern 2 toed sloth, cats – puma, jaguarundi, ocelot and margay, jaguar, weasel – tayra and long tailed weasel, armadillo, opossums – 3 types, southern river otter, mice and rats, agouti and paca, skunk, bats – vampire, fishing, collared peccary, squirrel, northern raccoon, collared anteater.
  • Birds – over 300 species sighted at Lapa Rios.
  • Crocodiles.
  • Frogs.
  • Snakes: boas, coral, vine snake, vipers.
  • Insects: butterflies and moths, numerous, wasps, bumblebees, rhinoceros beetles, scorpions.
  • Spiders.
  • Marine species: green sea turtles, dolphins, whales – pilot and humpbacks.