At Lapa Rios Lodge, we reserve the right of admission. It is forbidden the entry and/or stay in this hotel any persons/guestswho:


-Carries any object likely to cause harm to other guests orthehotel employees.

-Arecarrying or consuming any drugs or psychotropic substances on our premises.

-Smokes or vapes on our premises.

-Causes or incites any disorder in the hotel facilities.

-Makes loud noises or scandals that disturb the tranquility of the other guests orthehotel staff.

-Introduces firearms, knives, or other objects that can represent a weapon.

-Uses chemical or explosive substances within the Hotel facilities.

-Displays violent or inappropriate behavior or language against other guests orthehotel employees.

-Receive occasional visits. Visits will not be allowed to access the rooms or the hotel facilities. In case of non-compliance, the hotel management reserves the right to order the immediate departure of the visitor and the hotel guest.

-Causes damage to objects, movable property, or property owned by the hotel. The guest will be solely held responsible for the damages.

-Performs any activity or behavior against the coexistence, hygiene, and public order inside the hotel premises.

-Bring animals or pets into the hotel. Harms or gives food to wild animals.

-Causes, by himself or by persons for whom they must respond, any inconvenience to other guests,thehotel employees, or third parties.

-Causes disorders, vandalism, hostile behavior, carrying out sexual misconduct, sexual assault, sexual harassment, riots, notorious misconduct, disturbances of order, or performing any other activity that may affect the tranquility, silence, rest, and privacy of the other guests or the hotel staff.

-Carries out any typeof illegal or criminal activity inside the hotel facilities.

-Removesobjects or property belongings from the premises of the hotel.

-Carriesout acts of violence, psychological or moral intimidation, harassment of any type, or uttering threats to other guests or the hotel staff.

-Performs anyaction, exclamation, or expression that affects the honor, prestige, or psychological and/or physical integrity of any guest orthehotelemployees.

If any of the abovesaid occurrences transpire, the hotel will immediately expel the guests, regardless of the time,day or weather.

This also means the loss of the reservationfees, deposits and/orany otherservices without any right of compensation. This will result in an immediate departure from all the properties owned by BöënaWilderness Lodges.

Guests will beheld responsible for all the damagesaccrued during stay. This includes misconductsto other guests, the hotel staff or damagesto the property.

The hotel will take legal action against theguest evenafter theguest haveleft the premises.