Laparios Information

We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions. Watch the Videos here:


We are pleased to welcome you to Lapa Rios, where you’re in for an unforgettable rainforest adventure! Depending on road conditions you should arrive at our eco lodge within an hour after arriving to Puerto Jimenez. Our staff will welcome you, get you checked in and offer an eco lodge orientation where you’ll learn more about our property, tours and activities and sustainable practices. By the time you complete your Lapa Rios welcome, your luggage will have been delivered to your beautiful bungalow.

Once here, you’ll see that nature is everywhere. Our property is located in 1000-acre rainforest reserve where you’re likely to see monkeys, toucans, scarlet macaws, sloths and a variety of other creatures. We do everything we can to preserve the natural environment and bring the rainforest and its inhabitants as close to our guests as possible while respecting their need for safety and nature’s space. We do not use insecticides or herbicides so as not to affect the food chain for all the little critters that attract progressively larger and larger creatures that everyone wants to see.

While our bungalows are luxurious with incredible views from the private decks, we do use nursery shade cloth for walls rather than regular screens. This type of screen allows for soothing ocean breezes to ventilate and cool your room in the evening, though it may also bring with it some small insects and creatures (eg geckos—nothing large or dangerous). We recommend that guests turnoff all interior room lights when going to dinner to save energy and attract less critters in their rooms at night.

Sharing your holiday with our ever-present wildlife population is a special part of your stay at Lapa Rios. While you will see many new forms of life there is little risk with common sense. Along with the Lapa Rios staff, the whole cast of rainforest characters is here to welcome you! Bienvenidos!

Please note:

  1. You won’t need air conditioning as the bungalows are cross ventilated and have ceiling fans over the beds.
  2. You won’t miss televisions nor phones in the rooms. We do have a small dedicated area with Wi-Fi Access available for our guests between the main restaurant and pool area.
  3. Lapa Rios is located on a ridge which guarantees stunning views from all bungalows. But it also requires stair walking (about 200 steps from the lowest bungalow to the dining area).