A Culinary Journey into The Heart of the Rainforest

Would it surprise you to know that the cuisine at Lapa Rios’ Brisa Azul Restaurant is as extraordinary as its natural surroundings, as authentic as the culture and people of the area, and that every ingredient comes from the highest quality organic and sustainable sources?

Since Lapa Rios’ 2019 inception into the BÖËNA collection of wilderness lodges, great care has gone into transforming the customers’ dining experience into a unique and dynamic journey. And true to BÖËNA’s determination to seek and celebrate the talent and ambition of local staff, they chose Head Chef Dayana Robles Sánchez to lead the Lodge’s team of young gourmands.

Lapa Rios has thoughtfully prepared a choice of menus to please different palates and dietary preferences. One menu is plant-based, and the other offers fresh produce, seafood, meat, and dairy. Both deliver a delicious variety of traditional and internationally inspired fusion cuisine.

What’s more, Brisa Azul’s extensive wine cellar offers a cornucopia of world vintages. Each wine selected has been carefully orchestrated to pair with the menus’ individual dishes—no matter how complex or deliciously simple.

Armed with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Chef Dayana and her crew craft a cuisine that is sure to enchant. The chefs can also modify most dishes to accommodate food restrictions and allergies.

With the Lapa Rios’ Full Experience package, three exquisite daily meals are included with your stay. Come to Lapa Rios and discover for yourself what the union of passion, creativity, and the best locally sourced ingredients can deliver.

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Flavors To Savor

“The food was tasty, all locally sourced and sustainably gathered. All food and drink (excluding alcohol) is included in the stay too. It was great not having to worry about this at all and knowing that the quality is really great, unlike typical all-inclusive hotels – zero cutting corners here.”

– Mariemma, Puerto Rico

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