Our Commitment To Sustainability

Since our inception, sustainability has been a core value at Lapa Rios. Nature conservation and community development are our very raisons d’être. We strive to use tourism as a means to acquire and protect the surrounding endangered rainforest instead of allowing it to take a toll on this precious and finite resource.

At Lapa Rios, we endeavour to operate in complete harmony with the world around us. Our sustainable philosophy is reflected in our design and guides our every decision: we respect the wildlife and nature around us; we utilize renewable materials for sustainable and low-impact construction; we promote use of locally-sourced biodegradable products and organic foods; we employ exclusively local staff; we educate them, our local community, and you, our guests, about sustainability, cultural and environmental matters.


Discover Our Sustainable Side
Biodiversity Conservation

“A Rainforest Left Standing is Worth More Than One Cut Down”


Lapa Rios is an inspiring model for the protection of biodiversity. Our mission is to prove that a rainforest left standing is worth more than one cut down. Find out how.

Community & Education

Over 25 years of supporting our local residents


For us, nature conservation goes hand in hand with community development. Learn about our long-time, brand new and ongoing initiatives, and find out how you can support them.

Supporting Our Staff

Meet the Lapa Rios family


At Lapa Rios, our staff members are as important to us as our guests. Learn about our commitment to them as members of our community and not just as employees.

Everyday Sustainability

Keeping it green and clean


Sustainability is in our DNA and ingrained in our guest experience. Read about the feel-good food you’ll enjoy, the must-see experiences you’ll have, and explore some of our responsible practice highlights here.

Awards & Memberships

Worldwide recognition for our pioneering sustainable initiatives


At Lapa Rios, our dedication to sustainable practices has been recognized at home and around the world. Lapa Rios was the first hotel in Costa Rica to be awarded the full Five Leaves of the Sustainability Award by the Costa Rican Tourism Board’s Certification for Sustainable Tourism. The award acknowledges our pioneering initiatives in sustainable hospitality, and our natural, cultural and social resource management.

Lapa Rios is a founding member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. The lodges invite guests to discover some of the planet’s most treasured places, while helping to protect those places for generations to come. Read more here.


Travel With Meaning

“Owned by visionaries, operated by a leader in Costa Rican responsible travel, and staffed by some of the most personable and professional people one is likely to meet, I cannot imagine a more authentic sustainable place within one of the most biodiverse destinations of the world. This is the future of tourism and travel.”

– Timothy, Seattle

Questions About Sustainability At Lapa Rios?