Exploring the rainforest without a skilled guide is like walking into a library without knowing how to read. Only a trained eye can unearth the secrets and curiosities of an ecosystem so vast and enigmatic.

Our highly experienced Naturalist Guides shine a light on this immense ecosphere. Locals to the area, their inspiring encyclopaedic knowledge reflects a lifetime on the Osa. With them, explore a world of biodiversity and gain a far deeper understanding of our enchanting rainforests.


The Lapa Rios Guide Team

Almost 50 Years of Cumulative Experience
Birding Experts – Marine Biologists
All-Local Guides – Guide’s Huts Field Station


Our Expert Naturalist Guides
Danilo Alvarez Seguro

Our Most Experienced Guide & Resident Marine Biologist

Danilo grew up by the ocean on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. His family owned a salt factory and made a living by fishing and working a cattle ranch. From a young age he was interested in nature, going on to study Marine Biology at the National University and setting up the first shrimp farm in Guanacaste.

Danilo first started nature guiding in the 80s, leading the first eco-tourism tours on the Pacific coast. He moved to the Osa Peninsula to work for Marenco Biological Station for 10 years, before leading his first tour at Lapa Rios in 1996. Danilo dedicated his time to guiding all over the Peninsula including Corcovado National Park, before joining Lapa Rios full time in 2015.

He now has two children and lives with his family on their beautiful rainforest farm overlooking the Golfo Dulce.

Edwin Villarreal

Housekeeping to Nature Guiding

Edwin was born in nearby Golfito, on the east side of the Golfo Dulce. At 14, he moved over to the Osa Peninsula where he participated in gold extraction and worked extensively on a cattle farm with his family. Later, he went to the Caribbean coast to work on banana plantations before returning to the Osa.

In 1995, Edwin began work at Lapa Rios. For over 8 years he led our housekeeping department. Along the way, he developed a special fondness for the rainforest, leading him to attend a natural history course at the National Institute of Education, and to train with our guides.

Since 2004, Edwin has been exclusively guiding tours at Lapa Rios, sharing a wonderful local interpretation of the forest. He is one of our longest-standing employees and knows all the secrets of the lodge.

José Parajeles

Our Resident Birder

José was born and raised in nearby Puerto Jimenez, where he still lives today. With Mother Nature on his doorstep, he became fascinated to know more, eventually specializing in birds.

José began working as a naturalist guide in 2009. Over the years he has taken several courses in natural history, marine biology, flora and fauna, ornithology, and bird watching. Certified by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, he has served as a freelance guide in several rainforest lodges and national parks in the area.

“I love birding and I have always said that when you work in what you love, you will never have a job,” says José. And with over 300 bird species to spot around the Lapa Rios reserve, José always finds opportunity to share his enthusiasm for birding.

Jeffry Tijerino

Waiter to Wildlife Expert

Jeffry is a Puerto Jimenez native, living the majority of his life just down the road from Lapa Rios. At the age of 19 he started working as a waiter and airport transfer driver at a nearby lodge. It was there that he first discovered his interest in tourism, nature and showing off his beautiful country.

Jeffry also worked at Lapa Rios’ Brisa Azul Restaurant for 8 years until 2016 when he enrolled in our Guide School. Through dedication and hard work, Jeffry has now joined the ranks of the Lapa Rios expert guides. Though his experience as a naturalist guide is short, Jeffry more than makes up for it with his passion and unique local knowledge of the area’s history.

Connect With Nature

“We took almost all of the included tours and loved them all. The guides were fantastic and truly invested in what they do. We felt a much deeper connection with the jungle through their collective wisdom.”

– Romain, France

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