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Rainforest Honeymoon at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge in Costa RicaRainforest Honeymoon at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge in Costa Rica


Make your honeymoon special at Lapa Rios. Our bungalows open to spectacular ocean views, allowing ocean breezes in day and night. Sunbathe on your own private wooden deck, or cool off under a pleasant open air shower. Wander through the many rainforest trails and listen to the natural music of rainforest wildlife. And when night falls, let the rhythms of the rainforest gently rock you to sleep.

Lapa Rios will help you create the romantic honeymoon you have always dreamed about:


“As soon as we entered, there was a special, magical air to Lapa Rios. We both admire your staff for their excellent jobs they have done and the pride they take in their work. When we first entered our bungalow we were delighted. Every thing we have done and experienced was “muy excellente” from the fine dining (and I can be tough to please) to our walk to the beach or our hike to the waterfalls.

Each activity was so much fun here than it could be anywhere. Even waking up at 6 am was pleasurable since we got to see wonderful wildlife like monkeys, toucans and Scarlet Macaws. We hope to celebrate an anniversary here one day. This place is absolutely perfect and a little slice of heaven. See you soon.”

Jonathan & Jennifer Shur. More...


At Lapa Rios we understand that “one size does not fit all” and would be happy to help you create your own honeymoon package. Just let us know how many nights you would like to stay (we recommend a minimum of three to four nights) and add on the activities that you’d like to try. Choose from surf lessons, swimming with dolphins, wild waterfall hikes, horseback riding, yoga at sunset and relaxing massages with views of the Golfo Dulce and Pacific Ocean. In some cases, we can make the reservation for the activities ahead of your arrival, but in other cases, we recommend you make your decisions upon arrival taking into consideration the weather and your mood. Take a look at our tours and activities page.

And look forward to a quality restaurant experience in the middle of the rainforest? Fresh seafood, fine meats, local fruits and vegetables and exotic spices are important components in our fusion cuisine that has been featured in Bon Appetit Magazine. If you would like to see our breakfast or lunch menus or take a look at what is for dinner, follow the link to culinary highlights. Don’t forget to check out our new world wine list featuring a selection of fresh white wines and light red wines from Chile and Argentina.

Combine your honeymoon in Lapa Rios with other unique destinations in Costa Rica.


Your travel choice will affect the people, culture, economy and environment of the places you and your spouse visit during your honeymoon. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to ensure that the destination as a whole benefits from your visit.

  • Research Alternatives. Responsible travel decisions can strengthen local conservation efforts and enhance the natural integrity of the places you visit. Support companies with policies that consider environmental, economic and socio-cultural impacts.
  • Travel Lightly. Discover life from a locals' perspective. Consider walking, ride a bike, or use public transportation. Rent hybrid vehicles and choose to travel by train rather than plane when possible. Calculate and offset unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions emitted by your travel.
  • Respect Local Cultures. Respect the values and beliefs, and accept the differences of local people and other cultures. Foster a greater understanding of their customs and social norms and learn about their environmental issues before you visit.
  • Spend Locally. Ensure that local people benefit from your travels. Buy locally produced organic and fresh food when possible. Spend money in community or locally owned businesses and use the services of tour operators, outfitters and accommodations that employ local people.
  • Natural Resource Use. Reduce, reuse and recycle when possible, and think about using water and energy efficiently. Consider the method of waste disposal used by tour operators, outfitters and accommodations. Avoid products sourced from rare and endangered species.
  • Protected Areas. Familiarize yourself and follow all advisories, rules and regulations when visiting protected areas. Whether they're voluntary or required, the fees you pay to enter these areas support local efforts to conserve them.
  • Wildlife Viewing. Do not disturb wild animals or their habitat. Keep your distance and use binoculars if necessary. Never chase, harass or feed wildlife. Not only is it dangerous, it can also negatively affect and disrupt feeding and breeding cycles.
  • Giving Back. Feel a sense of purpose when you travel. Find a project, health clinic or school to donate to, or volunteer your time and help improve trail conditions, monitor wildlife, restore riparian areas, or plant trees.
  • Be Aware. Our hurried concept of time is not the same in other regions and in other cultures. Keep in mind that local people’s thinking will differ from your own. Ask before taking pictures of other people and respect their wishes.
  • Be Adventurous. Remember that your guidebook is just that - a guide. Use it as a starting point, and then explore. If you want to truly experience a place, head off-the-beaten-path. Talk with the locals, find out what’s going on, and visit the places where they spend their leisure time.


Big budget weddings are out and elopements are in, according to wedding planners across North America. As a destination, Costa Rica has always been on the top of the list for honeymooners, but now Lapa Rios Rainforest Eco lodge is seeing an increase in couples coming to say “I do”, which is why they are offering elopement packages along side honeymoon rates.

What sets Lapa Rios apart is the guest list of howler monkeys, red eye tree frogs, jaguars, two and three toed sloths and over 300 species of wild birds. Because communications are limited—with phones or Internet only available for emergency purposes—couples enjoy special time together with no distractions.

We have heard from couples that a dream to come to a private, eco-resort like Lapa Rios for their honeymoon is no longer feasible if they have to spend big on a wedding. By eloping to Lapa Rios, they leave behind the stress of big bills, and can start their life together in one of the most romantic, exotic, bio-diverse and eco-friendly destinations in the world.