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A Wish List for the Carbonera School

Classroom school supplies are always welcome: packs of paper, crayons, reading books. Small personal gifts like pencils, markers, erasers are difficult to obtain here in the Osa Peninsula.

Gifts From Visitors Coming To The Osa Peninsula

Gifts Of Money Could Help Construct Or Purchase

Kids Being Kids...

Any small toys, personal coloring book, comic book to take home are always welcome. Our children have few personal possessions so prize any small gift meant especially for them. Photos taken while on school visits are always treasured: send any copies c/o Lapa Rios, Miami address.

Ideas For An Interchange With The Osa Peninsula Schools

Pen Pal Program: Have your child or students write a letter, addressed to either a boy or girl, include some art, maybe a drawing of their house, dog, anything. Plastic encased photos generate interest and enthusiasm (the jungle is humid!). Some pen pal children even include a self addressed stamped envelope (US stamps which can be sent via our U.S. drop box courier server) and the interest is even higher. Greetings using a class photo are fun for the group interaction/participation.

Plant A Tree

Your child or students could contribute to sustainable development in the Lapa Rios reforestation program by transplanting a primary rain forest seedling to an area of second growth. Participants will learn about "their tree", it’s role in the ecosystem and receive a certificate to commemorate their efforts. Certificates and tree plantings can be purchased and dedicated on behalf of others. $25 donation suggested to ‘Lapa Rios Reforestation’. Remember to send a return address for the certificate mailing.

Volunteer Teach One Year

The school families have asked the Association to sponsor a bilingual English-Spanish) experienced teacher to broaden the lives of the community. To be considered for the position, a single person (only) would commit to one full year of living and teaching within the school’s community. Local families have offered accommodations for the teacher and are willing to provide a private room, meals and laundry with the financial support of the Association. The school year is from late January to the beginning of December. A small monetary bonus will be gifted with completion of the school year. Interested candidates: contact is e-mail: info@laparios.com

Sending Gifts By Mail

High cost items should NOT be sent by mail. In-transit thefts often create headaches and lead to disappointment. The Lapa Rios office staff will seek willing guests to bring your gift when they come to Costa Rica. Advise the office staff to the size and weight of your package and we’ll find a cooperative guest.

The Carbonera School is a success due to the contributions of many people with many skills. When thinking about who we are because of our own education we can appreciate that education needs to be shared and available to all. The world will be an easier place to live—for everyone. If you would like to share in the ongoing building of the rural Osa Peninsula schools, make your tax deductible contributions (memo: "School Association") to: Costa Rica-Minnesota Foundation, 2424 Territorial Road, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55114. If you are in Lapa Rios make out a check to ASOCIACION de EDUCACION. Drop it in the general tip box at the reception desk.
Lapa Rios, Box 025216-SJO706, Miami, FL 33102

If you are in Lapa Rios make out a check to ASOCIACION de EDUCACION de ESCUELA CARBONERA and leave it in the general tip box at the reception desk.

100% of your gift helps continue building the Carbonera School.

Lapa Rios, phone: (506) 2735-5130, fax: (506) 2735-5179

e-mail: info@laparios.com

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