Sustainability Tour


Witness sustainable eco-tourism in action while learning about Lapa Rios’ pioneering spirit and efforts to reduce the Lodge’s carbon footprint and incorporate local community members into the Lapa Rios team and sustainability philosophy. The excursion begins at the Guide Hut for a brief introduction before walking the Lodge and reserve grounds to see firsthand how the proprietors have applied approximately 240 solar panels, over 10 water turbines, and 48 highly efficient energy storage units to provide renewable energy and naturally purified water across the resort’s facilities. Guests will also visit the Lodge’s organic gardens and pig pens, where herbs and medicinal plants are grown, and food wastes from the restaurant are provided as healthy nutrition to Lapa Rios’ resident swine population. An eye-opening excursion for the whole family, sure to demonstrate how sustainable operations are not only possible but plausible.


Minimum age: all ages

Duration: approximately 1.5 hours

Distance: 0.5 miles (1 km) of driving and light walking

Schedule: begins at noon

Difficulty: easy

Includes: bilingual naturalist guide (rubber boots, optional)

What to bring: water, a camera, insect repellent & a sun hat.

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