Harpy Eagle

On November 27 th 2003 a Harpy Eagle has been spotted on the Lapa Rios Ridge Trail by nature guide Danilo Alvarez and two guest of the Eco Lodge. This large bird of prey used to be very common in the rainforests of the Osa Peninsula but, due to the lack of sightings in the last years, was considered extinct in Costa Rica. The Harpy Eagle nests in Ceiba trees (Ceiba pantandra) also known as Kapok trees. These trees reach heights of up to 78 meters (about 250 feet) and only grow in the primary forests. The assumed reason that this bird has reappeared is that the amount of protected forests on the Osa Peninsula has increased together with the monkey and sloth population who are its primary source of food.


New bird spotted near Lapa Rios. Our guides observed a new bird in October 2005 near the Lapa Rios Lodge. common name is the Sinsonte Tropical. Scientific Name: Mumus Giluns (sp). It was registered by Julio Sanchez. It is only registered sighted in the Caribbean Coast.