The Annual Lapathon Race

Lapathon is an annual fundraising rainforest race organized by Lapa Rios. Since its first year in 2009, Lapathon has raised thousands of dollars for charitable projects in the Puerto Jimenez area. The funds have helped equip local schools, support the local Red Cross and health clinic, and create a sports area for teenagers.

Each year, the Lapa Rios staff and a number of guests and local residents run a distance of 10km. Kids from the surrounding areas also run their mini Lapathon of 3km. The race was created not only to raise funds for local community projects, but also to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Keen to participate? Get in touch for more information on our Lapathon this year.


Meet The Community

“Lapa Rios’ mission is nothing short of inspiring. If you enjoy being around untouched nature and learning lots, a visit here is a must. The lodge also offers many opportunities to give back and share with the local community – we found we wanted to do this, as did the other guests.”

– Sally, Delaware

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