100% Local

At Lapa Rios, our staff members are as important to us as our guests. We have a strong commitment to them as members of our community and not just as employees. Many have been with the lodge since day one.


Well-Being & Development
Local Employment

Meet our 100% Tico Team

At Lapa Rios, our staff – including management – is 100% Costa Rican, with a great majority coming from nearby Puerto Jimenez. Hiring locally is the cornerstone of our commitment to the community. Lapa Rios salaries are far higher than the national average, and we employ all of our staff year-round, never laying them off in low season as is the case with many hotels. Each member is not only dedicated and helpful, but also genuine.

We also support local transportation companies for boat, air and ground transfers, and invite local dance groups and artisans to perform and sell their crafts at the lodge.

Company Doctor

We’re Making Healthcare Accessible

“Sustainability” also extends to lifestyle, in particular physical and social well-being. As such, every member of staff at Lapa Rios has access to a company doctor in nearby Puerto Jimenez. For a nominal fee of just US$1.5 per month, all healthcare consultations are free of charge for them and for their children. While taking care of our staff, our goal is also to incentivize private doctors to relocate to this rural area, improving the overall quality of healthcare in the region.

Career Paths & Professional Opportunities

Helping Our Staff Pursue Their Professional & Personal Goals

Typically the young men and women that apply for entry level positions at the lodge have very limited formal school education and almost no knowledge of the English language. We actively seek to create opportunities for professional growth for all of our staff, some of whom have been with Lapa Rios for over 20 years. Every year we have success stories to tell of cross-training courses, language classes and more.

A number of our employees who started out cleaning rooms at the lodge are now in middle management positions or working as nature guides. Many of our former staff members have gone on to become local entrepreneurs in Puerto Jimenez or have made successful careers in hotel management in other areas of Costa Rica.

Meet The Family

“One reason the cost of staying at Lapa Rios is higher than at other resorts it that they invest heavily in the local community by hiring locally, supporting the local schools, protecting the environment and supporting local merchants and artisans rather than relying on cheaper ways to do business. This place is a model of community-business integration.”

– Bill and Lisa, Florida

Questions About How We Support Our Staff?