Lapa Rios Lodge

Sustainability Guidelines

Social Guidelines of the Sustainability Policy

1. The management of labor relations with the workers will be strictly adhered to the pertinent national legislation.

2. An annual plan establishes the community activities that will be prioritized in support of economic resources. Preference will be given to community organizations, schools and non-profit institutions. Workers will be encouraged to at least participate twice a year in community aid work.

3. In accordance with the General Law of Tobacco Control of Costa Rica, our Lodges are a smoke-free establishment and therefore smoking is not allowed anywhere in the hotel. Nor will we allow the sale or consumption of cigarettes (regardless of age), the same applies to workers during working hours. In the case of alcoholic beverages, only those over 18 years of age are allowed to purchase and consume them.

4. We will not allow the distribution, sale or consumption of drugs or any type of illegal substance with narcotic effects.

5. We will give preference to people from neighboring communities when hiring workers, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or political preference.

6. We will periodically train all personnel in the management of emergencies according to the procedures manual which will be available in writing and accessible to employees, guests and visitors.

7. We will maintain commercial relations only with tour operators that have their corresponding Civil Liability and Work Risk policy and the recommended security measures in each activity will be respected without exception.

8. We will not allow unregistered or unauthorized persons to enter the room areas.

9. We will regulate and supervise the development of particular activities in places and times that may affect the tranquility of the guests, the fauna or that may damage the flora and the river.

10. We will reject and denounce all forms of sexual tourism and child exploitation or manifestations of undesirable tourism that affect the flora, fauna, the river and neighboring communities. If cases are detected, the complaint will be filed with the competent authorities.

Environmental Guidelines of the Sustainability Policy

1. We will inform customers and workers about our commitment to the environment and invite them to collaborate with environmentally friendly practices.

2. We will ensure that the vegetation in the gardens is predominantly comprised of species native to the region, which will be identified by both their common name, their name in English, and their scientific name.

3. We will promote the refilling of water bottles in the dispensers located in public areas in order to reduce waste plastic.

4. We will participate in a donation program through the Conservation Fee for organizations and initiatives that carry out activities that benefit the environment.

5. We will promote the responsible use of water, quick elimination of leaks and breakdowns, and we will give preference to the acquisition and use of faucets and toilets that optimize consumption.

6. We will courteously and permanently invite the guest so that in a totally voluntary manner, they collaborate with the internal actions that favor savings in water consumption. (Do not wash bed linen and/or towels daily).

7. We will dispose of the organic waste from the kitchen through the composting system.

8. We will store recyclable waste (paper, cardboard, glass and plastic) separately to avoid contamination with other substances. The guest will be invited to collaborate with this effort.

9. We will give preference to the acquisition and use of biodegradable solid and liquid materials and substances required for cleaning activities, maintenance of gardens and buildings, and supplies for the rooms: shampoo and cosmetic soaps.

10. We will analyze through a laboratory on a quarterly basis, the potability of the hotel’s drinking water, in order to keep the respective record.

11. We will properly process the soapy, black and restaurant waters in such a way that the impact to the environment is minimized.

12. We will give preventive maintenance to the drinking water, wastewater and gas pipes, they must remain in good condition, without leaks or obstructions.

13. We will keep the electrical installations in good condition.

14. We will ensure that the wildlife that visits the hotel is captured by an employee trained for it, and is released in a safe place, without putting at risk guests, employees and visitors.

Economic Guidelines of the Sustainability Policy

1. Through instructions in the room, we will invite the guest (staying more than one night) to reuse the towels instead of sending them to be washed on a daily basis.

2. Implement a recycling program for recoverable waste so that maximum use is given to it.

3. We will promote the use of office paper that has not been bleached with polluting chemical methods, preferring as much as possible to reduce the use of paper and printing.

4. We will prioritize the purchase of equipment that allows a more efficient and economic use of water, propane gas and electricity, in the areas of rooms, kitchen, restaurant, maintenance, etc.

5. We will place fire extinguishers in all areas of the hotel and one extinguisher per room. The person in charge of Maintenance must ensure the proper handling and operation of the extinguishers. All employees must be trained to handle them.

6. We will provide a minimum of 24 mandatory training hours per year, in topics that are considered fundamental for the good performance of your work.

7. We will prepare the dishes offered on the menu in a standardized and controlled manner as established by the recipes and promote local recipes for guests to try.

8. We will encourage workers to achieve their personal and team goals and those desired and established by Management.

9. Also that we have periodic evaluations of suppliers, with whom a sustainability commitment is signed, based on sustainable practices for the operation and its social, environmental and economic actions.

Cultural Guidelines of the Sustainability Policy

1. We will develop a plan for the cultural promotion of the activities of the nearby towns. At least three annual cooperation visits will be made to neighboring communities and we will organize forums, talks and seminars on issues related to environmental protection, cultural preservation and sports practices that benefit said localities.

2. We will promote with the guests on a scheduled basis within the facilities and in visits to the communities that allow it, all those cultural manifestations representative of the neighboring populations in order to thus relate to the guests, to visitors and workers with local customs.

Travel With Meaning

“Owned by visionaries, operated by a leader in Costa Rican responsible travel, and staffed by some of the most personable and professional people one is likely to meet, I cannot imagine a more authentic sustainable place within one of the most biodiverse destinations of the world. This is the future of tourism and travel.”

– Timothy, Seattle

Questions About Sustainability At Lapa Rios?