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Opciones a escoger:

Canasta de pan casera: pan de banano, maíz y ayote.

Plato de frutas: frutas de temporada frescas.

Granola casera:

Deliciosa y saludable mezcla de nueces y avena, servido con yogurt natural y frutas.

Avena integral

Rico y saludable desayuno de avena con leche de soya o almendras, acompañado de banano, fresas, arándanos, chía y almendras con miel. Sera uno de tus favoritos.

Burrito de desayuno:

Hongos, espinaca, queso Turrialba, plátano maduro, huevos revueltos blancos envueltos en tortilla de harina y servido con guacamole y pico de gallo.

Huevos y tostadas:

Dos huevos al gusto, aguacate, tostadas (pan blanco o integral hechos en casa), servido con jalea de frutas casera y mantequilla.

Desayuno Tico.

Nuestro plato insignia, el Gallo Pinto, servido con huevos al gusto, queso Turrialba, plátanos maduros, aguacate y tortillas.


Compota a elegir macadamia-mora, banana-marañón, mango-coco y opción de naranja-coco o, guava-canela siropes.

  • Extra orden: Huevos al gusto, pico de gallo y guacamole.

Especialidades de la casa:

Tostadas Francesas.

Preparación autentica de la casa, gruesas rebanadas de pan acompañado con sirope de tamarindo y fruta fresca con marañón.

Omelette del jardín.

Elige tu propia preparación con huevos blancos o enteros, rellenos de cebolla caramelizada, chile dulce, hongos, espinaca y queso de cabra. Acompañado con croquetas de papa.

Huevos benedictinos al estilo Lapas

Dos Huevos pochados con carne rostizada, espinacas y cebolla, servido con bizcochos de maíz y salsa chipotle.

Cucumber Soup

Cold cucumber and yogurt soup, served with avocado cream, cucumber, cherry tomato and peppermint.

Tuna Slices

Tuna roll in sesame crust, with guacamole, marinated diced tomato and soy sauce with citrus flavors.

Quinoa Salad

White quinoa, salad of mixed greens, grilled corn, and avocado cream


Chicken Stir Fry

Meaty chicken with seasonal vegetable mix, oyster sauce with jasmine rice in coconut milk

Fish Filet

With potato salad, green vegetables and fresh mango salad

Penne with Romesco sauce

Prepared with mushrooms, roasted vegetable sauce and nuts, served with Parmesan cheese

Costa Rican Casado

Choice of slow cooked premium beef, fresh fish or free-range chicken breast. Served with rice,black beans, plantain and criolla salad

Fresh Tuna Tartare

With raw green papaya, radish, asparagus and coconut-ginger dressing


Carrot soup

Hot carrot soup with carrot chutney, carrot confit,raw carrot flakes and fennel oil


Mozzarella Basil

Tico buffalo cheese, accompanied by a variety of tomatoes, cucumber rolls, radish, strawberry slices and basil oil.




Pork Duo

Pork tenderloin and pancetta, with roasted pumpkin, corn puree, caramelized leeks, sweet red wine sauce and macadamia nuts crumble


Lemon Risotto

Saffron flavored risotto, served with catch of the day fish fillet and capers sauce

Fungus texture

Variety of mushrooms and different preparations, accompanied by mini grilled vegetables, chard and porcini sauce

Ayote Bowl

Spicy Ayote, white beans with lemon, Served with avocado, chives, brown rice, mango and cashew seeds.




Citrus tart with butter-pie crust base and torched meringue

 Milk Chocolate mousse, macadamia nuts cake and Costa Rican coffee Chantilly

Mango Gazpacho

Chilled mango & ginger soup served with torched mango and pecans

Beet Salad

Roasted beet slices, raw beet flakes, hearts of palm and mango on a bed of mixed greens

served with passion fruit dressing

Costa Rican Ceviche

Fresh sea bass marinated in a spiced lime juice and ginger, with red peppers, onion and

mango, served with a plantain Patacon


Catch of the Day

Grilled fillet of fresh fish with miso glaze, seared kale and black quinoa with grilled pineapple


Roasted Tomato Pasta

With a fresh tomato sauce, basil pesto, sautéed vegetables and local mozzarella cheese

croquettes. Choose between spaghetti or penne

Falafel Burrito

With chickpeas and herbs falafel, roasted zucchini, eggplant, cucumber and lettuce, served

with homemade chips, black beans dip and Guacamole

Chifri Lapas

Typical Costa Rican dish made with crispy pork bites, white rice, slow cooked beans, Pico de

Gallo and avocado. Served plantain chips

Chicken soup
With coconut milk, mushrooms, ginger, green curry, lemongrass and grissini bread

Pan Dulce
Fresh fish Tiradito marinated in lemon juice, served over sweet orange slices with spicy
aji sauce, red onions, chives

Green Salad
Mixed lettuce and spinach, quinoa mix, avocado, grilled zucchini, mini-pods, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, roasted sesame and almonds seeds, goat cheese and papaya vinaigrette


Beef Tenderloin
Served with white beans and turmeric puree, mushrooms pesto and green peppercorn

Guacho Rice
Traditional recipe with a twist, risotto with fresh shrimps, mussels and grilled Octopus

Cauliflower Steak
Marinated in spices, charred and served with wild rice and yogurt-tahini sauce

Green Curry
Delicious mix of wild rice and jasmine rice, with mini vegetables and curry sauce with herb paste


Traditional Flambé pineapple with rum and a side of vanilla ice cream

Duo of coconut cream and moist cake, milk & bitter chocolate Ganache

Green Gazpacho

Chilled soup with basil, kale, avocado, spinach and citrus flavors, served with green raw

vegetable flakes

Arugula Salad

Arugula and greens salad, fresh strawberries, caramelized pecans, Crostini with goat cheese and Chia seeds, balsamic vinegar reduction

Tropical Fish Salad

Fresh sea bass croquettes, served on mixed green salad with carrot, radish, green papaya,

hearts of palm, mango and passion fruit dressing


Pork Ribs

Oven roasted pork ribs in a Hoisin-glaze, served with rustic potatoes and sesame flavored

green beans

Catch of the Day

Grilled fillet of fresh fish on top of Camote slices. Served with a fresh salad of cherry tomatoes,cucumber and sauce Vierge

Veggie Club Sandwich

With homemade whole wheat bread, grilled veggies in basil pesto and local mozzarella

cheese. Choose between chips of the day with herb alioli or mixed greens salad

Fish Tacos

Grilled fresh fish served on homemade corn tortillas with guacamole, red cabbage relish,

lettuce and grilled pineapple

Grilled Octopus

Slowly cooked and grilled fresh octopus, chickpeas salad, herbs pesto and red pepper sauce

Black Beans Coconut Soup

Traditional Costa Rican black bean soup with coconut milk, served with poached quail egg and coyote coriander.

Red Fruits Salad

Mixed salad, fresh red fruits, caramelized seeds, radish slices, balsamic reduction and red fruit dressing.


Tuna Steak

Fresh tuna accompanied with kale, sweet potato puree, romanesco and mango chutney.

Free Range Chicken Breast

Breast of local farmed chicken, roasted with Chimichurri butter, served with handmade

fettuccine pasta with mushrooms variety

Eggplant Lasagna

Baked eggplant slices, dipped in pomodoro and parmesan  sauce with búfala

mozzarella cheese

Beet Tenderloin

Beetroot cooked at low temperature in oven and served with cauliflower-yogurt couscous, romanesco, roasted garlic mayonnaise, chimichurri, beetroot cream and filleted almonds.


Traditional Coconut flan

Passion fruit cake with white chocolate mousse and passion fruit espuma

Mango Mousse

Creamy mango mousse served with fresh mango, coconut crumble & passion fruit sauce

Tropical Fruit Platter

Fresh seasonal fruits cut in different shapes

Fruit Granita

Tropical fruits frozen and blended, ask for the different flavors

Osa Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

Traditional sponge cake and vanilla ice cream, served with red fruits

Cheese Cake

Cream cheese mousse on top of butter cookie base, served with homemade seasonal fruit marmalades, ask for the marmalade flavors


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