Veggie Garden

We’re greener than green at Lapa Rios

At Lapa Rios, if we had a middle name it would be sustainability. It’s been an essential part of our philosophy since our inception almost 25 years ago and still today it continues to be a way of life for us and a vital part of the guest experience. The funny thing is though, when you take a look at all of our sustainability efforts from the biogas production of our resident pigs to our reforestation program, surprisingly, our veggie garden – a passion project of our co-founder Karen Lewis since the Lodge’s beginnings – has been one of the bigger challenges!

Even our little piglets are green, producing biogas for use in the staff kitchen!

Despite our lush surroundings – absolutely packed with tropical flora, playful fauna and, of course, fertile land – , organically sewing local fruits, vegetables and herbs in the middle of the rainforest has been more complicated than it looks, with wild cilantro being Enemy No.1! At the end of 2016 we decided to rethink and experiment, creating an enclosed 10×10 metre space and preventing access to mischievous, hungry little animals… almost a year on and so far so good!

We’ve come a long way since here and are now successfully growing all sorts!

With the vegetable garden, we’re creating an interactive space where our guests can learn all about Costa Rican agriculture and the fresh edible produce commonly grown in the region, and eventually even taste the products and try their hand at sewing some themselves too! At Lapa Rios, our food philosophy revolves around fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and although our garden won’t yield enough to supply the Lodge’s kitchen or even staff restaurant, the goal is to find a way to successfully and organically grow fruit, veg and herbs in the middle of the jungle. We’re up to the challenge!

Our green-fingered guests enjoy a truly eco experience at Lapa Rios, planting trees and even veggies in the future

Join us at Lapa Rios for our signature Twigs, Pigs and Garbage sustainability tour to find out how we’ve earned our famous reputation for being greener than green, and en route we’ll give you exclusive access to the vegetable garden, unexplored by even our most intrepid, furry residents!